December 9, 2012

Mitotech S.A. successfully completed its efficacy study of SkQ-based eye drops against scopolamine-induced dry eye syndrome in mice. The study was conducted at an independent U.S. animal laboratory and was designed to test SkQ-based drug Visomitin for its potency for reducing damaging effect of dry eye on cornea.

"Results of this preclinical dry eye study turned out very positive and most likely will shape our future clinical program, said Natalia Perekhvatova, Chief Executive Officer of Mitotech S.A. “Dose response in corneal fluorescein staining measure in mice is a strong indication that SkQ1 will be a promising candidate for treating dry eye syndrome. We are happy to report these new data to our shareholders and are looking forward to bringing Mitotech to the realm of clinical drug development in 2013-2014.”

About Mitotech S.A

Mitotech S.A. is a Luxembourg-based biotechnology company developing novel drugs for the treatment of age-related disorders. Mitotech S.A. was founded as a spinoff from the bioengineering department of the Moscow State University. The core technology behind Mitotech products is based on the world-renowned work by Professor Vladimir Skulachev in designing mitochondrially addressed antioxidants. Company's lead compound SkQ1 is being developed into several drugs covering a variety of therapeutic areas and methods of administration.