September 9, 2016

Mitotech Ltd, a UK-based clinical stage biotechnology company focused on age-related disorders, announced that it received a U.S. patent covering deceleration of aging in living organisms by its lead compound SkQ1.

"As a biotechnology company, Mitotech keeps focus on developing drugs for a set of therapeutic indications that impact millions of people world-wide,” said Natalia Perekhvatova, Chief Executive Officer of Mitotech Ltd “Dry AMD for example, where SkQ1 shows promise, is a therapeutic indication with a significant unmet need and that affects millions of people in the U.S. alone. It is an age-related disorder. Dry eye syndrome received a lot of attention from pharmaceutical industry recently. It is also an age-related disorder. The main aspect of the mechanism of action of our lead compound is protecting mitochondria from oxidative stress, which is a confirmed key factor in cell aging. That's one of the reasons SkQ1 proved to be effective in a wide spectrum of models of age-related disorders. This particular patent, however, may pave the way for Mitotech to pursue aging as a standalone indication. Of course, that would be a major undertaking in terms of the volume of clinical development and regulatory work, but we think it's an attractive opportunity and the field is wide open for a break-through technology."

About Mitotech Ltd

Mitotech Ltd is a UK-based biotechnology company developing novel drugs for the treatment of age-related disorders. The core technology behind Mitotech products is based on a novel class of small molecules – mitochondria addressed antioxidants. Company's lead compound SkQ1 is being developed in several drug formulations covering a variety of therapeutic areas with major focus on ophthalmology and neurodegenerative diseases.