Mitochondria are responsible for one of the most important processes in human body – cellular respiration. At the same time, these organelles are among most unaddressed and understudied elements of human organism when it comes to drug development. Dysfunctional mitochondria are implicated in aging and many neurodegenerative, metabolic and cardiovascular diseases. Mitochondria play critical role in key biological processes, such as mitophagy, oxidative stress, apoptosis and ferroptosis that regulate wellbeing of living cells. In some therapeutic indications, like rare mitochondrial disorders, impaired mitochondria might be the origin of the disease. In other disorders dysfunctional mitochondria becomes a part of a signaling chain leading to a serious pathology.

Mitotech aims to address this underserved area of drug development with novel small molecules designed to target mitochondrial oxidative stress and mitochondrial lipid peroxidation.

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